How to Survive a Traffic Stop

Do you feel panicked when you get pulled over by police? Are you afraid that a simple stop could end tragically? What if you knew exactly what to do and say to increase your odds of making it home safely? Take a look. It may save your life.

Video by: Christian De'Mar Photography, Music by: Sly Terror, ASL interpretation by: April Pullins

What is the JustUs Junkie?

“There is no justice. There’s just us.”

The quote has been attributed to a few different sources. Many recording artists owned the saying in their lyrics, from D’Angelo to Gang Starr. Many civil rights leaders have even adopted the line as their battle cry.

The implication, of course, is that Black and brown folk are separate and apart from the justice system. It wasn’t built with us in mind. It doesn’t serve us. It only persecutes and penalizes us.

The same goes for law enforcement. Those tasked with helping us, unfortunately oftentimes harm, terrorize and and even kill us instead.

I am a firm believer that as long as people of color are uninformed or ill-informed, nothing will change. However, I’m not waiting for change to be made to the justice system, to the government, to the White House, to the police training policies.

The purpose of this platform is to provide information to empower you right now! I give you tools to use today to stay safe, informed and increase your odds of making it out of every police encounter ALIVE!

I’m on a mission to bring justice from the courtrooms to the corners.

Join the movement!