Who Am I?

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I know what you’re thinking:

“Who is this chick?”

“Why should I listen to her?”

“How do I know that she knows what she’s talking about?”

Great questions! Well, I’m a sista from the Southside of Chicago. I’m an attorney, an advocate and a defender of the underdog in and around my hometown. I’m a Duke grad and I got my law degree from George Washington Law in D.C. I’m the co-owner and partner at my own law firm.

In the almost nineteen years that I’ve been practicing law, I’ve represented thousands of clients and tried hundreds of cases, from DUIs to murders. I also sue cops and the cities they work for for misconduct.

I’ve had exhilarating wins. In fact, I win a lot! My determination and know-how have released many men, women and teens from jail back home to their families. For others, it’s allowed them to have their day in court to hold the so-called public servant accountable for the brutality my clients endured at their hands (and feet, elbows, batons, flashlights, tasers and guns).

Honestly, I’ve learned the most from my devastating losses, not from my victories. (If any attorney tells you they’ve never lost a case, RUN! They either just graduated law school, they plead everyone out or they are lying!)

What all of this means for you, is that my experience cuts down your learning curve. It means, I’ve seen a lot. It feels like I’ve heard it all when it comes to police encounters, arrests, car searches, traffic stops, foot stops, warrants, patdowns, etc.

It also means that I can save you and your loved ones from making many of the mistakes my clients have made, many with grave potential consequences. This information can save you tens of thousands of dollars. It can be the difference between being detained for an hour or for half a century.

The knowledge I impart to you, can save your life. Literally.

Best of all, the tips I provide are free. You can take what you like and leave the rest. But, if you leave this page now and never read another word or watch another video, please, please, remember this:

If you are ever arrested, ask for a lawyer and don’t say another word.




"My brother was falsely accused of a robbery. I was told by another attorney to go to Shiller Preyar for counsel. That was the best thing I ever did. When I first met April I felt like I had met someone who really cared about my brother’s well-being. She was truthful open and very knowledgeable about the law and what he was up against. Never once did she try to sell a plea bargain to get on with the rest of her cases. I felt that she really genuinely cares about the clients she represents. During the trial I was so nervous. April made us feel like this was going to be the day that my brother became a free man once again. She fought in court as if this was the case of her life. I was so grateful to see that someone was fighting for my brother to come home as hard as I was. She fought a good fight. She came in that court room ready to fight and win. At the moment the NOT GUILTY verdict was read, my brother, my family, some of the jurors and April. YES APRIL, began to cry. It was such an emotional moment because FINALY we had our moment of JUSTICE. I am thankful everyday that I was guided to April. She is a fighter and she doesn’t stop until this thing called JUSTICE isn’t JUST US. THANK YOU APRIL."
-- Angelique Johnson-Cotham, sister of a former client


"I was working with an attorney for several months before my trial. I felt the attorney wasn't focused on my case, he wasn't returning my phone calls, and I also felt I wasn't prepared for the upcoming trial. After a phone call with Ms. Preyar, she asked me more questions in one call then the months I spent with the other attorney. I quickly replaced my attorney with April Preyar and she got to work. She advised me to have a jury trial instead of a bench trial and carefully explained why. Her phone calls were prompt, any question or concerns I had she was able to answer them. She prepped me on the trial and I was extremely prepared. Ms. Preyar is passionate about her job and cares for her clients. Her attention to detail, her specificity, and her intelligence makes you feel at ease. I can not thank her enough for her brilliance in the courtroom and exposing the truth in my case."

-- Morocco Omari, “Tariq” from Empire, former client


"I had the misfortune of being charged with a DUI in 2000.  I hired April Preyar to represent me and I couldn't have been in better hands. Ms. Preyar was able to successfully argue that my impaired driving was caused by constant back pain and fatigue. Although the state called several officers as witnesses and those officers falsely testified that they smelled alcohol, April was diligent about making sure that truth about my case was heard. Ms. Preyar subpoenaed my medical records as well as my work schedule and work history. She was able to completely disprove any affect that alcohol had on my driving that evening. My family and I are very pleased with Ms. Preyar and would recommend her services to anyone in need of justice."

-- W.G., former client